Online Performance Tracking

Online performance tracking is the conception and designing of performance appraisal based on online collection and evaluation of performance indicators for work being done.

The sequential steps of the online performance tracking system are listed below:

  1. System is provided with the first register.
  2. There are two kinds of membership records in the system: Employer and Employee
  3. The company account is created by Employer.
  4. Employer creates the departments and evaluation criteria of the employees in the company account.
  5. Employees are requested to register with their company account.
  6. Employees are registered to the relevant department of the company to which they are affiliated from any country.
  7. According to the identified criteria of the department(s), the employees are rated using evaluation scores within a period of time.
  8. Employer can perform the evaluation process of the related department employees in accordance with the determined "Weighted Linear Combination" and "TOPSIS" methods.
  9. The methods give the rankings of the company employees according to their total performance scores.

Everyone is warmly welcome to use the online performance tracking system at no cost.

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